ERP Solution

ERP Solution


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) help the organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A complete ERP suite also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.
ERP systems tie together a multitude of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. And yes we have an ideal solution for these mentioned points.
Aman advanced technologies offer Odoo based ERP solution, specially designed and customized for different clients. ERP is One Stop, Centralized Solution for digitization and automation of all functions of a business


  • Increase efficiency
  • Process automation
  • Transparency
  • Information Availability
  • Correct reports
  • Data Integrity
  • Audit Trail
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Cost Effective

Why Our Solution

·        Affordable

·        Business Intelligence

·        General Purpose And Business Specific