Welcome to Aman Advanced Technologies Co.

Aman Advanced Technologies Co. is a platform of IT-based solutions that is working under the umbrella of the Aljazea group. We are providing ideal, innovative, advanced technology-based solutions to our clients as per market requirements.

We combine expert practices with cutting-edge technology to simplify complex information needs for clients across the globe.

The informational needs of two clients are never the same. Our team of specialists first assesses the individual needs of each client and then builds tailored solutions to meet their goals. This client-centered approach is a key reason why Aman Advanced Technologies Co. is trusted by institutions across the region.

Our Vision

To be an admired market leader in IT solutions

Aman Tech aims to be recognized as a leading and respected entity within its industry.

Commitment to maintain the highest standards of business ethics and integrity

We place a strong emphasis on ethical conduct and integrity in our business operations.

To achieve high competence in advanced technology-based solutions

The company aims to excel in providing solutions that leverage cutting-edge and advanced technologies.

Our Values

We believe in the power of true value. Thus, our goal is to create products customers and consumers really want. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create true value for our customers, partners and employees. In the same way, we are challenging you and your idea.

Customer Centric

We listen to our customers to understand and deliver on each of their needs. We build trust by making each customer successful by fulfilling our commitment to their satisfaction.

Stronger Together

We work as one team and move decisively in the same direction. We leverage our global diversity and combine our strengths for the interest of our business and customers.

One Step Ahead

We develop reliable, future solutions that innovate and deliver strong long-term performance. We continually move in the direction of our strengths to be one step ahead.

Better Every Day

We looking for secure and advanced methodologies and working techniques with a continuous improvement mindset. We take ownership and are empowered to seek better ways of working while developing our staff.


We are committed to living up to our promises. We do what we say to earn the trust of our customers, colleagues, and stakeholders.

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