On Demand Pickup and Delivery Application

On-Demand Pickup and Delivery Application

 There are multiple delivery applications in the market nowadays. But our unique design and features make us more reliable and trusted in comparison to others. Our user-friendly design and on-demand application of delivery services help the end users get exact solutions for their requirements. The end user can track the shipment, schedule the delivery as per suited time, and can get instructions or guidelines from a live customer support representative. 

Solution Parts

  • Customer Application
  • Driver Application
  • Admin Panel


Flexible Scheduling

We offer a delivery service application to help your customers choose a flexible time by their availability and their mode of commute. 


Through notifications, you can ensure that your customer is well informed of their delivery, any offers going on and so on to keep the process as transparent as possible.

Payment Mode

We have installed multiple payment gateways, the user can pay as COD with flexibility during order you can set sender or receiver will pay. And online mode through online payment gateways which make the solution comfortable to use.

Live Chat

With the help of our live chat, customers can chat with their pick-up delivery agents to get updates on their location and other delivery instructions. 

Live Tracking

Our solution is fully integrated with Google API, which helps customers to efficiently track the present location of their package delivery services and the approximate time it will be delivered using location service.


We are having loyalty-based & other special promo packages. Which attracts the customers to use the services frequently.  

B2B, B2C and C2C Delivery Solution

Our application has the feature for entertaining all types of required services which is exactly the need of each business.